Rachel Hazell moves to Antarctica…

August 23, 2007 at 4:05 pm | Posted in Assistant Post Mistress, Blogroll, Book art, Dreams and imagination, Journey, Life in the snow, Observations in Antarctica, Penguins, Photos, Rachel Hazell | 7 Comments

Rachel Hazell will set sail in under two months time to the beautiful world of ice-white Antarctica. Rachel’s new job will be Post Assistant and Penguin Monitor where she will stamp over 20,000 postcards in the time she will be there. In between handling all that card and ink, Rachel will step outside and very quietly and gently tip toe around the sleeping penguins, counting them and their eggs and recording the data for the international penguin monitoring programme. Rachel said, “I am thrilled to be finally living my dream as Post Mistress for Antarctica. I’ve lived on one of Her Majesty’s Navy ships, teaching sailors to make small books, but this has to be my biggest life long ambition.” This will be the site for Rachel’s diary while she is away, so come back often for updates from abroad.


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  1. hi rach

    all the best for your time as postmistress!! love to hear all about it


  2. Hi Rachel,
    How’s life with the penguins?
    Did the 2nd cruise ship get in?
    Your letter was posted yesterday 6/11/07 in London.

  3. Hi Rachel! Wishing you all the best for your trip of a lifetime! Have fun counting those penguins! Carol xx

  4. Hey nice work on the blog, i love it! SO clear in your explanations and descriptions, i can close my eyes and be once again back at my most favourite place on earth! Build an airport because i’m on my way-if only it was that simple eh? Check in would be a doddle! I wanna be a Gentoo, make love in the ice and have a home of stones! Frozen food even sounds fun-crunch, crunch! Keep writing it’s my reason for living! GT xxx

  5. Hey Rachie
    Delighted to get your Gentoo penguin card with the Antartica postmark stamp – my very first! Thank you.
    Dying to write back but don’t have your postal address. When we got back from Italy, my computer died so I’ve have lost your contacts. Hope you can come to the rescue – or if anyone else reads this, can you let me know please? Thank you!
    Thinking of you stamping letters & books amongst ice & penguins! Lots of love RuthieX

  6. Thanks for Your postcard and webadress for the blog.Could not make out when You heard from the Explorer disater. I have never felt unsafe on the Nordnorge, but in hindsight I admire the captains sailing skill. If You can send a picture from the Jaegermeister bottle in Your bar, I will try to convince the headquarter of Jaegermeister to donate something to Your activities with the argument of the most southern Jaegermeister in the world. But do not get it wrong I am not a selling agent of that stuff, only an electrical engineer. xxxx R. Gbn

  7. Hi! Rick and I are home and moving into the new apartment . will be keeping up with you . stay warm
    live from new york,


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