Penguins walking by the kitchen window

November 19, 2007 at 6:29 pm | Posted in Assistant Post Mistress, Dreams and imagination, Life in the snow, Rachel Hazell | 2 Comments

5th November

No bonfire night! N.B. Don’t lick your fingers or rub your eyes with antibacterial hand-wash gel. Yuk/ouch. Wind still blowing. Up for an outside wee. Snow has drifted some, still falling. Penguins all away swimming, just a few stragglers. Ball exercises and wildlife report reading. Gloss coat of magnolia in the Science room. Really hard to achieve neat edges cos the paint is so cold; fingers not working so well. Dixie Chicks and chatting to Rick about motivation. Then finishing off the puddle at the bottom of tin on a wee patch in museum kitchen with Tudor and Helen, talking about what to do on return, babies, travelling, employment decisions… Turn last night’s lasagne into hearty lunch soup. Helen worried about rolled oat supply. Me worried about peppermint tea supply. Back to preparing kick boards of shop for painting, after finishing franking (and Scottish dancing with Rick and Helen; Gay Gordon’s, Dashing White Sergeant, and Strip the
Willow…) V. blustery and cold outside, Rick puts heater on for morale and necessity (gloss sticky and drips more at zero degrees.) He’s being extra supportive and considerate today.  Cups of tea. Funny to see penguins walking by the kitchen window. Oh but we’ve run out of water, (some of it has been tasting odd, like burnt fried food)  so all four of us face the elements armed with ice axes, washing up bowls and shovels. The tide is up, so must dig down through snow overhang (risky) and fish out mini bergs blown into the bay. Some of the ice chunks are so huge that Tudor has to bash them with an axe on cardboard on the hall floor. Scoop up right-sized chunks and sweep up shards. Nearly finished reading ten years worth of wildlife reports. Helen makes bread. Tudor cooks dinner. Beer o’clock is early and the banter is coarse. V. fine kedgeree despite lack of tumeric, parsley etc. Lychees and chocolate mousse for pudding. Don’t we eat like royalty?! Play cribbage – first since we arrived – Rick and I neck and neck… I only win because my cards are scored before his. Then out to marvel at snow drifted penguins aarh. Grooving to Rolling Stones increases temperature, as does Jagermeister. Computer dead; woe is me.


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  1. Are you alright??
    All crowded round the tv last night as we saw a ship being evacuated in antarctica
    Missing you

  2. sorry to hear all our parcels are at the bottom of the icy ocean…there could be some interesting fossils in that mail bag in several million years time!

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