I’m thinking of poetry and missing it

November 27, 2007 at 6:33 pm | Posted in Assistant Post Mistress, Dreams and imagination | Leave a comment

11th November

Clear skies overhead, dark black over Anvers Island. Still still. Chilly to gloss and my first coat drips. Cold and melancholy, by twelve am I’m eager to volunteer for warming soup making. Attempt Moroccan style couscous and tvp stew, with nutmeg, apricot and mixed fruit… it lacks er flavour (meat!) but has heartening effect. Complete lounge painting with second coat of gloss, lost in thought through bursts of Madonna. I can vaguely hear Tudor and Helen discussing past relationships. More contemplation. Take slop bucket. Watch penguins. Standing on the doorstep, talking to the others as they’re painting porch; suddenly notice that a lonesome chinstrap is peering about a few metres away, looking out of place and a little anxious. Have an hour before dinner cooking to catch up on typing this. More of a mush for supper – corned beef, mixed veg and baked beans stirred up, with mash, flowed by rice pudding. It’s very odd this limbo time of waiting and wondering if and when a ship will arrive. Painting is not busy enough for my wandering mind. Stiff shoulders. I’m thinking of poetry and missing it. Mention this to Rick and he reads me some; Robert Service in the Yukon. Just right. Good night.

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