Down to rocks seeking whale bones with Rick

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27th November

Happy Birthday Dear Sarah xxx

Up early to check stock for Fram – a slightly daunting 217 pax on board. Glorious clear blue day, with a smattering of brash sparkling on glass smooth water. Landing site lapping at high tide, beautiful. Well monitored landing. Flags erected along shore side to prevent accidents on overhanging snow edges. Sunny and warm. Busy and good. Afterwards, feel that if I don’t keep going I’d never start again. Graze on delicious grub from the Bremen after dazed re-stocking of wee baskets. Weather too gorgeous to frank, even though a large bundle came in this am (including a belated package of mail from Nordkapp posted before incident at Neptune’s Bellows last January.) Down to rocks seeking whale bones which Rick saw from a zodiac loaded with more books. A few photographs. Calming to be outside in the air, looking not adding up. Restock to maintain stock levels. Orlova arrives around two thirty, with a contingent of potentially ‘demanding’ visitors (the like of which reduced Jo and S ally both to tears last year.) Helen and I vow to stay jolly and firm. No worries in the event; interesting people, lots of numbers (and First Day Covers!) Once last passengers have left, frank away in an attempt to keep up. Susan (EL) has asked us to the Orlova for dinner and kindly sends a boat over for us a little later. What an intimate comfy ship! Stand at the bar enjoying the chat. Good to meet the Australian artist-in-residence and see her work. Entertaining dinner conversation with Eric (ex FIDS,) Nigel (bird man who worked at Lockroy nine years ago, and at Rothera,) and Susan. Several young Swedish girls are keen to apply for work here next year… Good fun. Zip back about ten thirty and laugh while finishing franking slightly inebriated.

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