Zip-lock bag to pop in popped out tooth

December 17, 2007 at 8:27 am | Posted in Dreams and imagination, Life in the snow | Leave a comment

17th November

Seven am rise. Lightly, softly, snow falls. Lots to do before today’s ship visit. Clearing, sweeping, ordering, counting cash and re-stock.

Rick helps me in the boatshed – daunting despite Tudor’s system, especially when the two t-shirts you need are in the bottom box in the stack of eight. Luckily, no rush, so we blunder at leisure, eventually locating all we think is required. Helen also joins fray – I’m so glad we’ll share this task to begin with… still takes ages. Once ’tis done, it’s certainly coffee break time. Helen sorts money, I fill in missed base diary days and Rick constructs new boot brush. Radio calls Rick over to Polar Star, leaving us with an hour’s grace, rationalising postcard storage cupboard to accommodate overflow of t-shirts in five different colour ways. Ready for the troops! I’m rubbish at numbers for some reason and cash drawer falls out, greenbacks everywhere, don’t swear. When sugar levels hit a low, I grab a handful of hard gums; mid-transaction half a molar detaches…I carry on taking the money and Helen passes a zip-lock bag to pop in the popped out bit of tooth. Good to see Kim Crosbie – we reconfirm promises to meet for a hot chocolate back in Edinburgh. I sit, half comatose with tea and biscuits. Easy evening with red wine and alluring cooking smells (inimitably FRESH!) Absolutely delicious steak sandwich, with brocolli, onions, those dried mushrooms and merest spoon of nose-corroding mustard. Moribund and heartfelt conversation about oldness. Monsieur Adelie is still here. Ice in the water so many shapes of blown glass. Light emergency dentistry.

Rick and Helen both wake from mid-evening snooze. I’m asleep.

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