Grey plastic sea, soft flumps of snow

January 2, 2008 at 5:25 pm | Posted in Assistant Post Mistress, Life in the snow | 1 Comment

15th December

Elies’ Birthday Hurray!

Soft flumps of snow catch in curls and dampen my hair. Low visibility. Grey plastic sea, a few shards of brash. Rick goes aboard Maryshev for an early talk. For the past couple of days there has been a lump, like a stone, in the toe of my right rigger boot, which I habitually leave just inside the porch. Usually always in a rush to shrug them on and off, but this morning I tipped it up and out fell a large plastic headed pin from the Inter-ship notice-board! A fine visit; so much interest in the dear penguins that the shop has is relaxed. The light still ethereal. Frank, restock, eat cheese, lie around. Down to boatshed for fleeces, t-shirts, postcards and the elusive red caps. Bremen appears just as we finish. Long slow visit, preceded by the staff bearing enormous crate of fruit and a water-melon. Philatelic exasperation. Possible and minimal infringement of control colony, not easy to see from bunkroom window. Kind invitation to dinner from Captain – last zodiac, hurry hu rry. Amazing Guano-matic boot washing machine, hot refreshing towels and tea on tap for arrival, how civilised. Shown to sauna and suggest Rick goes first. Helen impatient for heat. I stand out on deck in the snow watching it fall against and into dark water, so quietly. Last joining Captain for drinks – splendid red wine. He explains the restaurant is fully booked so we’ll be eating in the Card Room (where the four sacks of mail  have already been carefully stored.) Charming meal, all chivalrously speaking English and telling jokes. Captain reigns! Home warm, clean and well fed.


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  1. Hello Darling,
    Thanks so much for the Birthday wish on this super blog! And the new Year wish on my mobile. I’ve not sent any messages recently, been busy. Moved house on 18th of December and had whole Dekoninck and Jones families staying for Christmas (nightmare! but recovering now). I could read your blog all day, but I’m at work so I ought to do some 🙂
    Love and kisses, Elies x x x

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