Crazy busy queues in all directions

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1st January 2008

Rick’s up first, shaving and eating his breakfast like a snuffling badger. I worried that the ferocious sound of his throat vibrations indicated a dangerously dry throat, and woke him up to drink some water. Helen doesn’t dare move. I’m happy lying still as long as possible. Quietly eating a Bovril sandwich when Explorer II announces their arrival (an hour early – must be on Argentine Summer Time) her captain wonders would we like to go aboard for lunch? Affirmative from Rick and I, Helen too er delicate. Quite choppy water and the gangway not affixed, so having been signed in, there’s only twenty-five mins for lunch, which is delicious. Prawn kebabs and salad salad salad. Spoon in a quick chocolate roulade and run back down to pull on suits, dash across the sea, wake Helen up and get behind counter. Don’t think we’ve ever made so many credit card transactions. Crazy busy queues in all directions and a couple of mid-visit trips to boatshed for tartan ties and pink ladyfits.

Meet Ron Lewis-Smith; long-time BAT (British Antarctic Territory) stamp committee person – he took some of the iceberg pics. Helen, pale, has to disappear several times and just wants everybody to leave. When they do she goes to bed and stays there. I do the franking business and catch up on diary writing from yesterday. Can’t settle as snoring is too loud, so I restock shop and make a list of all the clothes. Rick goes to and fro, carrying it back up and helps fill the compartments, for which I am grateful. Tired and hungry now; it’s nearly nine pm. Nordnorge steams in to anchor here tonight. Rick chucks a tin of stew in the pan – perfect. Helen conscious but limp. Suzanne Vega tuneful. Outside to check on chicks; many nests now have two wee ones cheep cheeping away. Re-erect penguin fence, well the control colony rope, which is difficult with no snow to keep the support posts standing. Peek over at Xplore, not a peep from them today. Ok that’s it then. Takes an age to fall asleep.

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