I’m having a marzipan baby!

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18th December

Monochromatic bands of varying degrees out towards Neumayer. Again check for chicks in pyjamas. Penguins fall into our big human footprints oh be careful! Subject others to express read of six days of blog. Relieved to send it off, though a week behind encore. Slow pottering. Finish yesterday’s franking. Helen sweetly compliments the consistent quality of my impressions, which makes me swell with pride. And philatelic stuff (including requests for base cachet when there’s no space to stamp it.) Fold up t-towels and restock all the wee bits, cunningly avoiding swilling down the rocks with Ricky. White Mikheev sails in from the light. Good visit punctuated by very generous seasonal alcoholic gifts. Decide we need pisco sour with our eggs and bacon – is this the start of our decline? It’s only midday… Good news! Tim Soper (on National Geographic Endeavour) can see from his schedule that we have a maintenance day; could we forego roof painting for a wee trip to Palmer and Vern adsky stations? Oh yes PLEASE. This is like winning a prize, a holiday, a weekend away. All cheered. Andrea pulls in and commences landing at Jougla. We’ve learnt from last time that there’s no rush and stay at the shoreline watching penguins, trying, and failing to take a just-in-the-water-and-fluffing-up-bum-feathers shot. Rick heaves himself from under the weather bed and continues cleaning the path rocks. Just making a comforting hot chocolate when Sam walks in – he says Mary Ann has been on safari in Africa after a conference in Cape Town. Thirty-two folk aboard. There’s a discernable difference between visitors who’ve been briefed on Lockroy’s wealth of history before landing – we can be left feeling misunderstood otherwise. Low, possibly due to lunchtime drinking ha we should have carried on or gone to bad I say. The big news today is; a patter of tiny chocolates have made their way into my mouth, and I’m having a marzipan baby! (Courtesy of the enormous delicious doub le-layered box that Tula left us, amongst many other treats.) Frank the few postcards and make ready for tomorrow. Cook a cheesy tuna bake which gets the thumbs up, and gives us warm red cheeks. Rick has heavy eyes and bunged up node so we don’t let him drink red wine or wash up. Helen takes one bucket and I the other. Reluctant to return inside because of the light. Watch the regular exchange of gentoo duty; a penguin comes up to relieve their mate, they bow and ca-hiss. Then one steps off as the other moves onto the nest from behind, gently dividing tummy fur to surround the eggs. In the hall, evening sun catches in corners and a breeze ruffles Christmas garlands. Perch on bunk and paint toenails Kid Orange. I am full.

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