The Antarctica Dream has arrived.

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13th January

*Happy Birthday Julia!!!

RIP dear Melanie.

Coo that fleece eye mask is good. Wake sometimes, but relaxed. Rick brings tea through just before eight, with news that Andrea are offering us a shower and lunch, starting at eleven-thirty, which is ten-thirty for us… so much for morning off eh. Restock quickly, as necessary. Three army guys, including Meiyon, arrive to help Rick dig out the mud (shit) from behind the old genny shed, to aid drainage. 

Helen gets on with Post Mistressy things and even finishes remaining franking. Finally I sit down and type; one hour twenty mins = two and a half days… will I EVER catch up. Rick goes aboard Andrea and I give the labourers stale bread and waxen cheese sandwiches, which go down a treat with a can of Boddingtons. Helen brings out tea and biscuits for afters (including last of Palmer’s decorated Christmas biscuits.) Sit and chew the fat until Rick reappears. Passengers won’t be landing here for at least forty mins. Hands in the washing up bowl when we’re alerted to pax in the shop and Sam’s here to stamp passports. Run in and hop to it. A couple on Andrea were married at Jougla Point this morning. Helen and I, disenchanted, discuss outrageous gestures in order to catch people’s attention; they are so quiet and unresponsive, do nothing and carry on selling stamps. I’m starting to hate people who rip open t-shirt and fleece packaging, then bring a wrapped one to the counter, leaving the other screwed up, unwrapped, in the wrong pigeonhole. Franking next batch when Rick comes through to say Kotick II will visit any minute. A boatful of cheery Brazilians and then one guy, Dick, from Discoverer, who’s come for more postcards. He stays on to chat about expeditions and God children and buys a shopping bag for his mother. At last everybody’s gone. Start typing – another yacht radios, is it too late to visit?  er yes it is, there will be a chance tomorrow. Rick deals with e- mails. Fray Bentos, marrowfat peas and creamed mushrooms for tea. 

Very good. Antarctic Dream have arrived – do we desire supper/shower/ drinks? No energy, so decline, think about watching a film but it’s too late already. Rick declares that he’s starting to enjoy this season. GO and put out stock which Helen has carried up. It’s so cold (snowing) that we turn the heater on. I write to my friend B and listen to the others playing cribbage.

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