About Rachel Hazell

Rachel Hazell is a book artist. She designs, writes, illustrates, prints, binds and exhibits book-related work. It’s all handmade using age-old labour-intensive methods

She strives to produce the ultimate artist’s book; one that combines form and function in the most simple way

Commissions and collaborations stimulate new approaches to the book. Rachel has worked with authors, galleries, businesses, councils and a fashion designer

Apart from making books, she also sings, travels, practices yoga, takes photographs and looks out for the worldwide possibilities of workshops, residencies and the chance to prove that everbody has a book inside them

Why the typetray logo? A lifetime love of order, repetition and containers, preceded work generated by this particular storage system at Camberwell College of Art, during the Bookart MA, and has continued to be an influential theme

Hazell Deisgns Books has a motto; READ MAKE LOVE BOOKS!


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  1. Good luck with your Antarctic Adventure,will be thinking of you and look forward to many more wonderful photos of such a very special place. xxx

  2. Hi Rachel! So can you actually read your own blog in Antarctica then? Hope you liked the ‘Cold Skin’ book and that it doesn’t give you creepy nightmares about you companions eating you alive. I suggest offering them penguin instead. Danny P xxx

  3. Hi Hazel. Jonathan Gibbs from the Illustration department of the ECA gave me your name for some possible bookbinding instuction with two technicians, however, it looks like you are a bit further a field and not quie local in Edinburgh at the moment. How are things out there. When are you back?
    Like the site and maybe you could drop me a line sometime.
    many thanks
    Steve – Graphics Technician ECA print workshop

  4. Hi, Rachel… saw your installation at City Art Centre today, which reminded me I hadn’t looked at your blog (the OU is a hard task master and I haven’t been doing the things I want, just what I need to do – so now I’m rebelling!)

    The Exhibition is a good one, and your contribution is right up there on top.

    Enjoy the rest of your ‘Summer’

  5. Hey…just a quickie to say thanks for the card – you’re more organised than me, but you are a post mistress now so that’s to be expected…hopefulyl the parcel I posted will get to you before Christmas, but it’s probably unlikely, so you’ll get it in the New Year. Love the blog…

  6. Happy New Year, Rachel! Thanks for the wonderful Christmas card and especially the note! I look forward to catching up on …. I laugh out loud at the postings on your blog. The pictures are wonderful! What a woman! Stay warm! Susan

  7. Hey lady! Hope the wilderness is keeping you vibrant. We’re all terribly jealous, but making grear progress on August and looking forward to having you back and the sharing of adventures over a dram or two.

  8. Contact Sarah if you get a chance.
    I hope you are well and warm!

  9. Why have the diaries stopped on 12.January? I liked to read them also the monthly diary from Rick which stopped with the dec. issue

  10. Hello Rachel,

    I was EL on the Mikheev during the last trips in March ’08, when you had already left from Port Lockroy. We had some private mail for you on board, which I have now got here at home. Please get in touch with me, so I can send it to you!
    Best regards,


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