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Hello there! Thanks for visiting Rachel’s blog.

This is how the blog works: Rachel sends her updates regularly by email to me, her secret-sneaky-blog-friend-updater-person. But you can imagine icebergs don’t have wifi! (Actually, it’s amazing, but they really do have good internet connections there.)  Sometimes she sends me a CD with images. (All the photos you see are Rachel’s own crafting – except when she’s in them of course.) I then upload her news and stories – as touching and insightful and creative as they are – as often as I can.  I work full-time so do forgive me if there is ever a delay. I’m still here and I love being involved in this online creative collaboration of ice, light, paper, stamps and penguins.

Be involved!

Write comments on pages for Rachel to read when she gets the chance (you can imagine how happy she will be!).
Send Rachel a letter to read, written with your own very hand. Enclose a box of peppermint tea!
Make books, drawings, poems… inspired by Rachel’s quest in Antarctica. Post them here.
Find out more about Port Lockroy.
Find out more about International Polar Year


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  1. I always liked to read your blogs, but it seams it stoped for whatever reason, as well as the diarys for the month of January. Why??????????? Regards R.Gbn

  2. Sorry! There’s always a wee bit of delay but we try our bestest to get the blog pieces up and away. Hurray for Rachel and her work in Antarctica – and hopefully you and other friends can keep being so brilliantly patient! Thank you.

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